Soundtheory – Kraftur v1.0.3 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Kraftur has been carefully designed to enrich your mix, allowing you to increase power
while maintaining the original integrity of the dynamics. Using new, patented DSP techniques, Kraftur relies on innovative algorithms to avoid the artifacts that arise with more traditional soft-clipping approaches. Kraftur can also add clarity, punch, or a pleasant warmth to almost any audio material.

Minimization of aliasing and intermodulation distortion thanks to unique oversampling and DSP algorithms.
Innovative triangular blend control that allows the user to seamlessly switch between single-band and multi-band processing.
Fine-tuning of the distortion curve that allows you to make the sound more punchy or more dense.
State-of-the-art MATCH mode that dynamically compensates for volume, so you can hear what Kraftur adds to your sound without fooling your ears.
Three frequency ranges with the ability to control individual distortion curves and their frequency ranges.
New VisionTone color pipeline from Soundtheory, based on human perception.

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