Soundmorph – GORE (WAV)

Introducing our carefully crafted Gore sound effects library. Adding cleverly designed blood spatter and intuitive sound effects can greatly enhance the immersion of any scene or moment. These elements are essential to creating realistic audio experiences that evoke a deep emotional response. Our extensive collection ensures that you always have access to the perfect sound for any situation: from the perfect beat to the most visceral flow or satisfying splashes of blood.

At SoundMorph we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality audio materials. Our Gore library is no exception. Developed in collaboration with professional game audio engineer Michael Leaning (Lionhead Studios), Gore offers a wide range of premium sound effects that have already proven invaluable to AAA game studios, film and television productions. With the Gore sound library at your disposal, you can be sure to find the perfect sound for any project, no matter how specific or unique it is.

  • 19 different weapon impacts
  • Guts
  • Drips
  • Splatters
  • Head Explosions
  • Stabs
  • Extras
  • Source Recordings
  • Designed Files
  • UCS – Universal Category System file names + Soundminer & Basehead Metadata

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