Soundiron – Hyperion Strings Solo Violins (KONTAKT)

Hyperion Strings Solo Violins is a universal violin library solo, created for everyone. It includes two complete violin solo libraries in one, for realistic duets and rich overdubbing possibilities! We recorded, designed and programmed it with uncompromising care and precision to achieve a new benchmark in quality and playability.

We’ve strived to find the perfect balance between refined sophistication and natural humanity, giving you maximum creative flexibility, enhanced utility and sonic realism. With each performer, we recorded a full set of detailed and deeply sampled chromatic articulations, as well as an extensive collection of improvised melodic phrases in a variety of styles, dynamics, tempos and keys.

This library of symphonic solo violins is a reliable music production workhorse that will serve you well whether you are a working composer, student, producer, songwriter, teacher, arranger, band, recording engineer, or simply interested in creating your own music.

It’s optimized for instant gratification from the moment you download it. The intuitive modular design and symmetry of content make it easy to use even for beginners. However, its robust list of articulations, dynamic capabilities, time-saving articulation control tools, deeply customizable acoustics, and professional feature set make it exceptionally powerful in the hands of an experienced composer.

Hyperion Strings Solo violins offer an intimate and powerful sound unlike any other. It has a powerful tone and expressive dynamic range that can be adapted to any genre or style. We’ve packed the interface with a variety of controls for spatial structure, environmental simulation and positioning, as well as options that let you customize the sound and character you want.

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