SoundGhost – JUMBLE v1.2.4 VST3i, AUi WIN.OSX x64

An idiosyncratic sampler that uses simple randomization within a limited structure to create new ambient soundscapes and backgrounds. Easily load your favorite sample and let the jumble dynamically move between random positions, revealing previously unheard melodies and rich textures. Pass the result through crystal-clear delays and expansive reverb, then modulate the amplitude and frequency content of the sample to create intricate sonic tapestries.

Controlled Randomness

Depending on the sample, randomly moving to a new position can open up new ideas and textures you’ve never heard before. this chaotic nature can be tamed using the built-in gate, flexes and modulators to bring a static sample to life. try recording the output to a separate track in your daw to create contained loops.
Use your own samples

It’s easy to use your own samples in jumble. simply drag them onto the waveform or right-click on the waveform to find the sample. You can also edit the playback region of the sample – the playhead will only move to a new position within that region.

Manual Mode

Turn on manual mode to disable the internal gate, causing the playback head to move only when a midi note is received. Learn jumble using custom arpeggiators and sequencers to cause the playhead to jump. jumble’s

built-in preset browser

comes with 40+ inspiring presets out of the box, plus you can save and recall your own presets using the built-in preset browser. There’s also support for custom categories and preset banks to further diversify your library.

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