A new audio dimension. Enter a world where synthesizers meet Hollywood scoring aesthetics – HORIZON LEADS opens the door to a new sonic dimension in cinematic scoring.

This is your gateway to a revolutionary film scoring experience. Unleash the power of cinematic synth leads, meticulously sampled and infused with the warmth of acoustic instruments.

Mastered to perfection, these sounds give your compositions a uniquely human and artistic touch and allow them to resonate with the essence of Hollywood. HORIZON LEADS was created out of a desire to bridge the gap in true cinematic soundtrack synthesizer sounds.

As Hollywood’s elite composers use synthesizers in groundbreaking productions such as Blade Runner 2049, Dune and Interstellar, there is a growing demand for high-quality, expressive synth tones that capture the essence of the silver screen.

When it comes to ambient and contemporary electronic music, HORIZON LEADS can bring shimmer and sparkle to your work with its vibrant library. For voice-overs and blockbusters, these sounds create the perfect emotional underscoring that will captivate your audience without further ado.

  • HORIZON LEADS contains deeply sampled synthesizer sounds treated like acoustic instruments
  • Hollywood scoring aesthetic for powerful cinematic synth leads
  • Ensemble Engine for pulsating rhythms and animated themes
  • Play complex patterns with simple chords
  • 80 freely playable synth instruments offering limitless creative possibilities
  • 150 customizable cinematic themes

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