Sick Noise Instruments – TRYPTICON (KONTAKT)

TRYPTICON is a collection of sounds for Hitech music and Psytrance. TRYPTICON has 6 segments: Sound, Filter, ENV, Delay, Chorus and LFO, making it not only a sound library, but also a synthesizer. It has over 100 sounds ready to use, leads, sound effects. Sounds are ready to use in your production, you don’t have to spend time creating sounds, just modulate and blast the track. The sounds are dynamic, strong, powerful and very easy to work with.

TRYPTICON has 3 instruments, which is not like the classic kontakt instrument with one sound, but they have different sounds, each KEY has one sound. Machine Fx, Roboticon Fx and Robo Hits FX. Machine Fx is a group of sounds and sound effects with which you can easily play several different sounds in one piano, and it’s very good to solo your track with different sounds.

Roboticon FX is a group of sounds that sound like machines. Robo Hits FX is a group of hits with distorted sounds and distorted vocals reminiscent of robotic voices. Trypticon is the first in the Sick Noise Instruments series of libraries. If you buy this product, you will get high quality sounds and a good library for your music. In this package you will receive wav files with all the sounds you can use for your production from TRYPTICON.

• 13 Leads
• 5 Keys
• 25 Machine FX
• 25 Roboticon FX
• 11 Rizzers
• 24 Robo Hits FX

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