Sample Tools by Cr2 – Deep Minimal Tech (MIDI, WAV)

If If you want to explore the sound of signature drums and intricate percussions, deep emotional bass lines that distort the sound of synthesizers and fuzzy FX samples, plunge into the depths of Deep Minimal Tech – the latest production tools from Sample Tools from Cr2.

This pack provides you with everything you need to create grooves that set fire to the dance floor.

Everything from drum / drum loops to bass lines, synthesizer loops, vocal starters, FX and MIDI … All this is!

If you want to release tracks on labels such as PIV, Eastenderz, Moscow Records and FUSE, then this pack is for you.

• Total Audio Files: 205
• Total MIDI Files: 25

• 10 x Bass Loops
• 10 x Claps
• 10 x Kicks
• 10 x Hats
• 10 x Percs
• 10 x Snares
• 50 x Drum Loops
• 10 x FX
• 20 x MIDI
• 3 x Songstarters (70 Audio Files + 5 MIDI Files)
• 10 x Synth / Music Loops
• 5 x Vocal Chops

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