Renraku Global – Jon Casey – Future Beats Vol.2 Sample Pack (WAV, SERUM)

The second part of Jon Casey’s sample pack is a well-stocked arsenal containing enough drums, basses, loops and effects to unleash the full potential of any production. Boasting the same punchy, sub-driven, dance vibe that Jon Casey is known for, each drum beat is impeccably crafted to cut through the mix to your liking, and the sonic diversity of each sample allows for nearly limitless layering possibilities. Jon Casey’s sound design techniques are also available through 50 Serum presets, allowing true creatives to tweak and reimagine his basses, leads, pads and barks right from the source.

And to make this set truly versatile, dozens of starter loops with shimmering lead melodies, warm bass chords, and energetic synth horns are also ready to be added, cut, or completely rearranged when inspiration is elusive. Anyone looking to create a new wave of infectious beats will be more than satisfied with the variety and craftsmanship of Jon Casey’s Future Beats Vol. 2.

• 50 serum presets
• 125 Drum Sounds
• 8 Drum Loops
• 21 One Shots
• 24 Starters (ie Hip-Hop Loops/Melodies) and
• 22 Vox One Shots

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