reFX – Hollywood Piano (Nexus 3 Expansion)

Extension for the Nexus 4 rompler.

First-class piano. Have you been looking for the best piano examples around? Look no further! Hollywood Piano offers an extensive and truly gigantic multisampled library of some of the finest modern piano sounds available.

All these best-in-class pianos have been painstakingly recorded by Manuel Schleis himself in countless speed zones, using the most advanced recording equipment, with great care, time and love.

Enjoy the finest nuances of touch and action with the Hollywood Piano, including pedal organic noises when using the sustain pedal. A variety of unique macro assignments will also let you fine-tune the sounds to suit your needs.

With this add-on, you will finally master the warm and rich “Hollywood” piano sound!

Please note that this massive expansion pack contains 32 presets and requires 2.4 GB of hard drive space. Before data conversion and compression, over 5,000 individual records took up over 20 GB of hard disk space.

Copy all folders from the Hollywood Piano folder and paste into your main Nexus Content folder

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