Phil Speiser – THE SAMPLER VSTi, VSTi3, AU WIN.OSX x64

I was thinking… how can I take my sample packs to the next level… I wanted to create a unique set of tools that will instantly boost your creativity and make the process of creating amazing music as fun and intuitive as possible. So, I set to work, and this is what I got: THE_SAMPLER. All my samples have been turned into a unique plug-in that will take the quality of your production to a whole new level.


I asked a world-class cello player with top-notch studio equipment to record every chord I could potentially need – individually. Including all the atmosphere that only a real person playing a real instrument can achieve. You’ll get beautiful, playable single note recordings that can be turned into stunning chords with just a few clicks.


Stop advertising your 808s – your work deserves a professional level. To make sure your 808s always sound great, no matter what key you play, I created 10 different 808s and played them for every single note. Thanks to THE_SAMPLER, you can now instantly play and customize your 808 bass lines


The difference between amateur-sounding songs and high-end songs is often that you can barely hear them. The Foley Machine lets you create completely unique Earcandy percussion loops in seconds. No matter what genre you work in, the difference will be huge. Believe me.


THE_RIFF is not just another set of guitar samples. It’s your idea. Played by a world class guitarist. Whenever you need it. Only with THE_SAMPLER you also get a playable vintage guitar with the ability to turn your melodies into amazing guitar chords in a second. Again, these are NOT midi chords – these are real recordings.


My GO-TO drum kits for hip-hop, dance, Lo-Fi, disco and more at your fingertips. The kits are pre-mixed, so your patterns will sound great in no time.

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