Nuro Audio – Xvox v1.1.0 VST3, AAX x64

Professional vocal mixes are always at your fingertips! The most advanced vocal plugin ever created. Packed in a revolutionary easy-to-use interface, anyone can quickly get professional vocal mixes. Over 100 inspiring presets give you instant access to tons of professional vocal bands right out of the box. Choose from carefully selected preset genres such as pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, rap, singer-songwriter and more. Or get creative with dozens of special effects presets perfect for improvisation, intros, or anywhere you want to spice up your vocals.

Remove previous installation before installing this one

Fine-Tuning Tone:

With an intuitive set of controls based on Xvox’s advanced filtering algorithms, you can quickly and easily fine-tune any vocal. Give your vocals the perfect amount of air and bring even the most boring recordings to life. Add rich warmth and body to subtle vocals. Or provide the perfect presence so your vocals cut through any mix. All this is possible with just a few clicks.

Experience True Dimension:

Xvox combines pristine reverbs and colorful delays to give you incredible spatial control over your vocals. Our special True Dimension reverb process gives you everything from cramped rooms to shimmering cymbals, beautiful halls to creative verbs – tons of options to suit any style.
Use the Space module in-line as an insert, or set it up on an Aux track with a send/return using the included send/return presets designed just for that setup.

Special Sauce:

Give your vocals width, thickness, richness and more with 5 custom FX processors. Add subtle effects to make your lead vocal stand out, or go all out with Ad Libs, background vocals or intros.
Plus, get even more creative by combining SFX with various reverbs and tone settings to create even more exciting chains.

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