Native Instruments – SYNTH For REAKTOR 6 6.3.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x86 x64

A full set of synthesizers for REACTOR 6.3.0 STANDALONE , VSTi, AAX x86 x64

• SUPER 8 – Add the classic warm, low sounds of vintage synthesizers to your project.

• BLOCKS PRIMES – 23 patchable Units and 50+ Preset Racks for REAKTOR and REAKTOR Player.

• TRK-01 – Creative Bass Percussion: Bring new designs to the ingenious sound design, streamline, modulate and mix features.

• FORM – A unique, sample-based synthesizer with a refreshing approach to create an organic and powerful sound.

• RAZOR – An easy-to-use synthesizer with detailed, dynamic sound, extreme flexibility and unique visual feedback.

• MONARK – A monophonic synthesizer that captures every sound nuance of the monosynths analog king in exciting detail – the Holy Grail of analog modeling.

• FLESH – A fun and innovative finished synthesizer that flips something that you put it into an electronic symphony.

• ROUNDS – A REAKTOR-based synthesizer that combines digital and analog synthesizer sounds with sophisticated, streamlined and moving sound capabilities.

• KONTOUR – An innovative phase modulation synthesizer with expressive technical characteristics that bring to life every note.

• SPARK REAKTOR – A stunningly dynamic synthesizer sounds based on the unique REAKTOR ensemble, developed by the founder of native Instruments Stefan Schmitt.

• PRIZM REAKTOR – A unique, responsive polyphonic instrument and effect, based on the innovative modal synthesis technology from REAKTOR.

• PRIZM MIKRO – A free, fully playable instrument with a stunning range of brilliant sounds, based on the innovative PRIZM REAKTOR synthesizer. Full version for free.

• MOLEKULAR – Modular effects system for REAKTOR – inspirational effects, limitless direction and electrification of performance possibilities.

• THE MOUTH (vocoder) – A unique synthesizer that produces melodies and harmonies from any sound input. Derived from a live installation by Tim Exile.

• THE FINGER – An innovative multi-unit effects that can be played as a musical instrument. Derived from a live installation by Tim Exile.

• SKANNER XT – A radical instrument that ingeniously mixes a sampler and synthesizer to create raw and unpredictable sounds.

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