Musik Hack – Master Plan v1.5.5 VST3, AAX x64

Master Plan is a professional audio mastering workflow that produces production-ready masters with simple controls: Crystal clear volume, rich analog richness, phase coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, and additional tools to correct and monitor your mix.

  • Crystal clear volume circuitry: Eliminate other limiters and compressors.
  • Finely tuned saturation inspired by analog technology.
  • Serious imaging and tone controls for clarity and creativity.
  • Correction buttons: soften the mix, remove the sharpness, add glue.
  • Emulates real physical tape for a vintage shine.
  • Listening emulation (midrange speakers, mobile, mono, etc.)
  • Soft mid-range equalizer with three different bands.
  • Significantly enhanced interface for high definition displays.
  • Improved monitoring for phone and N-10.
  • Instead of on/off, LUFS targets are now adjustable in the settings screen: -18 (multichannel) to -14 (streaming), -8 (radio), etc.
  • Loudness metering for Peak, LUFS-M or LUFS-M adjusted for target.
  • Cliff indicators, as well as median and maximum cliff indicators.
  • Improved preset management and export to separate files (along with bug fixes related to long names and names with special (non-Latin) characters).
  • < > buttons for quickly scrolling through presets.
  • Interface size is now only on the settings screen.
  • Disabling loud loop now also disables the safety limiter after resampling.
  • Rearranged settings.

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