Musical Sampling – Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT)

Nylon Rustique is an emotional guitar with nylon strings. We wanted to create a tool that would fit fine, emotional lines for slow/moderate tempo contexts; it’s all housed in a patch without a key switch.

To achieve this, we captured three types of legato, each of which is activated by speed. The main range produces plucked natural legato, the high speed range triggers slides without samples (down to a full step for them), and lower speed settings activate slides with plucked articulation, the speed of which can be controlled using the mod wheel.

We also included a sustain patch with three different velocities, a harmonic patch, tremolo (three speakers with crossfading), fret slides, guitar percussion, and auras (pads created from guitar recordings).

We included tuned and untuned versions of the patches. Untuned variations completely preserve the natural temperament of the performance throughout the entire range of the instrument.

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