MeldaProduction – MCompleteBundle v17.00 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Turn your computer into a professional production, mixing and mastering studio. MCompleteBundle is the ultimate collection of effects and instruments, which currently contains 112 of them, including MDrummer, MSoundFactory, MPowerSynth, dynamics processors, equalizers, modulation effects including chorus and phasers, reverbs, stereo instruments and analyzers.

Plugins are installed using the new MPluginManager application.
MSoundFactory Added new instruments: Cyberpunk bass, Trap bass, Cyclicity, Ethereal keys, Alchemist whoosh, Organic scape.
MSoundFactory Added 2 feedback peak filters to the Resonator and String modules.
Added a “Maximum of Average” analysis graph to most analyzers.
Added a “Remove Resonance Trigger” function to all MAutoDynamicEQ plugins and the DynamicEQ module.
MBassador Added a “First channel only” switch to MBassador, allowing to apply processing only to the first input channel (useful for example for Ambisonics, M/S).
MSpectralDynamics Added a “EQ affects dry signal” switch to MSpectralDynamics to allow the dry signal to pass without being affected by the EQ when “ApplyEQ” is on.
MTurboDelay Added presets for individual MTurboDelay devices.
MSoundFactory MXXX Added “Enable latency reporting” option for individual subplugins in MSoundFactory and MXXX.
Added “+” button next to most preset buttons which creates a new preset named with the current date and time.
Added presets for individual instruments in the EQ area.
MCompare Added “Blind test is always random” option to MCompare.
MUtility Added “Volume playback ON” and “Volume playback OFF” options which allow volume adjustment only when playback is on/off.
MSoundFactory Added “Lowest is low-pass” and “Highest is high-pass” options to the modal filter module.
MReverbMB MReverb Added IR button to MReverbMB.
MOscilloscope Added ability to display multiple signal periods.
MSoundFactory Added hidden Trigger parameter for instances inside other modular plugins which allows triggering a note.
MSoundFactory Added “Velocity (follows mono)” modulation source.
MTurboFilter Filters now have a single sample feedback feature when post processing the module. Note that the syntax has changed slightly.
MTurboFilter Added CLIP and FB1 modules. Also added a global feedback parameter, all feedback modules now default to this parameter instead of the previous one.
Various minor fixes and improvements.
Fix MMultiAnalyzer plugin did not save the collapsed state for the left panel “Visual parameters and graphs”.
Fix Plugin’s simple screen window did not update correctly when detached from the main plugin window (editing and simple screen visible at the same time).
Fix MDrummer MSynthesizer4NN not loading some templates properly.
Fix MTurboComp [MTurboCompMB] Locked parameters were sometimes overwritten when switching devices.
Fix MSoundFactory BandPass plugin LP visualizer was not updating when one was enabled.
Fix MSoundFactory UnisonEx crashed on every use.
Fix MSoundFactory Changing a Harmony preset while MIDI was being processed caused a hang.
Fix MCompare prevents crash when running in pure oscillator mode.
Fix MWaveShaper plugin would freeze in Logic Pro when randomize button was used.
Fix MIDI note controllers could not be disabled via checkbox.
Fix MTurboReverb GUI window would sometimes remain blank when loading presets saved in DAW.
Fix AU plugins would sometimes load without toolbar buttons and meter expander.

  1. install MPluginManager
  2. run MPluginManager
  3. download and install plugins
  4. apply Unipatch

Starting with version 17.00 we are changing the installation system.
All Melda plugins and tools can only be installed using our new application.

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