Martinic – Everything Bundle v2023.09 CLAP, VST, VST3, AAX x64 [09/01/2023]

Martinic was founded in Schagen (Netherlands) in 1993 as a provider of software and IT solutions. Since 2010 we have specialized in the development of software instruments and effects for musicians and producers.

AX Chorus v1.2.0- (FX): Accurate recreation of the unique chorus found on vintage AX73 and AX60 synthesizers.

AX73 v1.3.0- (VSTi): A perfect analog model of the original with additional features fit for the 21st century.

Colorsound Tremolo v1.2.0- (FX): A faithful recreation of the famous 1974 effects pedal.

Elka Panther v1.5.0- (VSTi): Accurate emulation of the Elkaa Pantherr 300, also known as the Capri, a classic Italian combo organ from the 60s.

Kee Bass v1.3.0- (VSTi): A virtual instrument faithfully modeled after the Rheem Keee Basss from the 60s, with some modern extras.

Lem Echo Music v1.3.0- (FX): Recreates the nostalgic tones of Lemm’s vintage Italian tape delay effect.

Scanner Vibrato v1.3.0- (FX): A plugin that recreates the scannerr-vibratoo effect of the famous tone organ.

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