Klevgrand – Richter 1.0 1 VST, VST3 x64

Unusual compressor. Richter is a tectonic compressor designed to achieve strong compression with minimal artifacts. This is the result of many years of experiments in the Klevgrand laboratories. Typically a heavily compressed audio signal is distorted, often with a nasty “lightning noise” artifact due to the way the internal envelope followers are designed.

Experimentation has led to a completely new approach, the result of which is a compressor that allows you to squeeze every bit of sonic perfection out of your tracks. Use it for meaty mixes, punchy drums or smooth, transparent vocal tracks.
Due to the way the algorithm is designed, there are a few unconventional controls to tame Richter.

First of all: one single parameter determines the degree of compression. Another (important) parameter controls how the internal envelope follower will respond to transients versus continuous/continuous sounds. These two parameters make Richter a very intuitive compressor where the user can quickly adjust the desired sound. On top of that, there’s a boost switch that literally pushes the amount range up to eleven. And, as the name suggests, earthquake levels are possible.

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