Joey Sturgis Tones – Plugins Collection v2023.12 VST3, AAX x64

Unleash your creativity with JST. We create audio plugins and other products to help bring your musical creations to life. Check out these collections to get started.

  • Gain Reduction 2 v1.0.4: Unmatched vocal control in one audio plugin.
  • Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier v1.0.2: A versatile tool that lets you go from one vocal take to hundreds of vocal layers in seconds.
  • Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.4: Brand new vocal mixing plugin, signature vocal chain of legendary producer Howard Benson.
  • JST Demon Fuzz v1.0.1: Beautifully dirty, texture-rich distortion plugin for creating tones.
  • JST EQ v1.0.1: Supporting up to 24 EQ bands, JST EQ can handle any EQ task – big or small.
  • JST Maximizer v1.0.5: The only plugin you need on your mix bus.
  • JST Sky Box v1.1.5: A versatile and charismatic reverb plugin for mixing and sound design.

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