iZotope – Neutron Advanced 3.00 VST, VST3, AAX, x64 NO INSTALL

iZotope – Introduces an intelligent mixing plugin – Neutron. The plugin includes the first technologies in this direction Track Assistant and Masking Meter. Oriented to simplify and increase the efficiency of the mixing process, Neutron combines the latest analysis and measurement innovations with industry-leading audio processing audio processors that provide unprecedented focus and transparency in your mixes.
Track Assistant scans audio and offers custom settings as starting points for processing your track. Intelligent analysis allows you to automatically identify tools, recommend the placement of EQ nodes and set the optimal settings for other modules. You will still maintain full control over all your decisions while mixing, but the Track Assistant will give you more time to focus on what matters most – your creative outlook on the mix.
Masking Meter allows you to visually identify and correct perceptual collisions between instrument frequencies, which can lead to masking between, for example, guitar and vocals, bass and drum, as well as solve other issues that can lead to “clouding” or excessive overflow of the mix. Easily tune each track to cut out haze and unleash new sound possibilities.
Neutron can be used on every track, offering zero latency and efficient processor utilization. With a leading static / dynamic equalizer, two multiband compressors, a multiband transient shaper, a multiband exciter and a peak limiter, the user will hear clearer results and spend less time on settings

Connect more tracks to Neutron 3 – Sessions with Neutron 3 load 3 times faster than Neutron 2, so you can make your mix with premium processing everywhere.

MUCH MUCH FASTER PROCESSING – Sessions with Neutron 3 use half the memory than Neutron 2. Forget about messing with settings and hearing crackling in large sessions.

Smaller buffer size – Sessions with Neutron 3 use up to a third of the CPU than Neutron 2 with minimal buffer sizes. Create on the fly with smaller buffer sizes without slowdowns or fading.

Sculptor – Remove resonances and add energy to your tracks with the latest audio tool.

Transient Shaper – Change the outline of your sound and control the attack and release with this secret processing weapon.

Exciter – Add a modern character or warm vintage grain with our Exciter module.

Gate – Add impact and energy to your sound with our flexible multi-band gate

Compressor – Perfectly process your tracks with our real Swiss army knife –

Equalizer compressor – Automatically detect frequencies and remove masking frequencies using our intelligent equalizer.

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