Initial Audio – FX Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x64 2023

Initial Audio is committed to creating the best audio plugins for HipHop, Trap, Drill and all urban music genres. From the very beginning, we wanted to make the highest quality and affordable audio plugins for both professional music producers and beatmakers. We produce easy-to-use audio software that is at the forefront of sound at a fair price. We are a small team of audio software developers, sound designers and music producers from all over the world who strive to offer the best quality VST and AU compatible plug-ins to producers all over the world.

• AR1 – Reverb Effect Plugin (v1.3.0)
• Boost X – Dynamic saturation (v1.3.0)
• Clipper – Free Soft Clipper plugin (v1.1.0)
• Dynamic Delay – delay plugin (v1.2.2)
• Dynamic Eq – plugin EQ (v1.0.1)
• IA-LA1 – Compressor plugin (v1.3.0)
• Master Suite – Mastering plugin (v1.3.0)

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