Impact Soundworks – Shreddage 3.5 Legacy v2.0.5 (KONTAKT)

Legendary 6-string guitar with reduced tuning and brutal sound of heavy rock and metal. Aggressive sound of high gain will allow to play characteristic abrupt rhythmic or solo part.

A powerful drop-tuned rhythm guitar perfect for heavy metal.
An evolution of the Shreddage 1 / Classic, the Shreddage 3 Legacy features our original legendary drop-tuned 6-string guitar with a brutal hard rock and metal sound. It has an aggressive sound that demands high gain and will destroy any choppy rhythm part you throw at it. A
vastly expanded sample set from Shreddage 1.
Recorded DI (direct input) so you can use any amp sound.

6 strings, low drop tuned to Bb.
Super tight and heavy sound perfect for metal chugs.
All the important lead and rhythm articulations.

Sustains, power chords, palm muting, harmonics, pinch harmonics, tapping, effects, hammer on/off, portamento, grace note slides, tremolo and finger vibrato.

Realistic response through careful sampling
Up to 4x down/4x up per note and 3 layers of palm muting.

45 ready-to-use CONSOLE tones
from high-gain amp options to clean, atmospheric playing.

Impact Soundworks made virtual instrument history in 2010 with the release of the original Shreddage electric guitar, which set a new standard for stunning realism in high-gain rock and metal rhythms. Shreddage 3 Legacy is a modern update of the revolutionary original. Songwriters and producers have always loved the aggressive six-string tone of the popular “Standard” guitar.

In addition to its signature massive rhythm parts, the Shreddage 3 Legacy is also more than capable of killer leads and solos. It’s a great choice for anything that requires an aggressive, high-gain sound with real punch.

While the original Shreddage had a somewhat limited sample set, it lacked the fret sampling and note range to deliver convincing solos.

That all changes with the Shreddage 3 Legacy. Using state-of-the-art tools and a pinch of audio wizardry, we’ve taken the original sample set and expanded it with meticulous autonomous pitch shifting to cover every fret on all six strings.

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