Continuation of NASTRONASTRO – It’s a powerful time machine, your ticket to the realm of lo-fi devices, from reel-to-reel tape recorders, cassette players, walkmans to Super8, VHS and Betamax tape recorders.

After NASTRO Soundscapes, the second release in the series comes out: NASTRO VHS – welcome!
You don’t need a DeLorean to transport you back to the ’80s with its unusual sound and graphics: shaky, glitchy, wobbly, full of beautiful imperfections and wobbles, and plenty of static noise. IMPORTANT: This requires Kontakt full version 6.6.1+ (not compatible with the free Kontakt Player).

NASTRO VHS contains a variety of playable synths, loops and textures created with some of the best analog synths and remastered on real VHS recorders to add dirt, static noise and detuning effects. You don’t need NASTRO soundscapes to use NASTRO VHS, but all NASTRO instruments are designed to fit together beautifully and help you create analog beauty in a fun and easy way.


  • 21 LONG SYNTHETIC TONES Patches (10 Analog Synths + 11 Hybrid Synths patches)
  • 14 SHORT SYNTHETIC TONES Patches (10 Analog Synths + 9 Hybrid Synths patches)
  • 3 Tempo-based loop patches
  • 3 Textures and FXs patches
  • 6 VHS Static Noises patches
  • 6 REEL NOISE Patches
  • 4 Channels/Tracks
  • 4 Playback modes: Normal / Reverse / Normal Loop / Reverse Loop
  • 3 Playback Speeds for each channel in Sync Mode: half speed / normal speed / double speed. You can manually control speed in the Free Mode
  • 20 unique IR effects
  • Built in FX Macros: Pan / EQ / Comp / Sat

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