Harman Audio – Lexicon LXP Native Reverb v1.2.2 VST, AAX x64

You have just finished working on tracking with artists who are on the verge of going on stage. You start mixing and realize you want more – the ability to envelop your mix in that “magical space” that provides the clarity, depth and fullness only possible when recording in a large studio. That’s why you turn to the most trusted reverb manufacturer to achieve maximum sound. Lexicon’s LXP Native Reverb Bundle gives your music an engaging aura that brings it to life, placing it in the perfect resonant space.

Lexicon processors have become an integral part of recording studios, stage productions, and all leading post-production centers. Lexicon now complements the best hardware processors with the best software plug-ins. LXP Native Reverb Bundle offers four algorithm-driven plugins, plus over 220 of the most versatile and nuanced studio presets that will forever change the way you color your mix.


Reverberation is the reflection of sound. The tone, density, duration and many other factors that determine the quality of reverberation are influenced by everything from the size of the room to the materials from which the reflective surfaces are made. From amphitheaters to halls, echo chambers to springs, we’ve been manipulating form to harness reverberation for thousands of years.


From the 1970s to the present day, when audio professionals say the word “reverb”, it is usually preceded by the word “Lexicon”. No other company has had such a significant impact on the development of reverb over the past four decades, and the LXP Native plug-in is a great addition to any DAW.

  • 4 classic Harman Audio reverb plugins.
  • More than 220 carefully designed studio presets.
  • Intuitive user interface provides easy access to key parameters.
  • Real-time graphical display illustrating the frequency steps of each algorithm.
  • Formats that work easily in any AAX, VST®, Audio Unit™ or RTAS® compatible DAW.
  • Full control of parameters and automation.
  • Real-time graphical display illustrating reverb tail, frequency content and impulse response.
  • Presets can be saved in a DAW-independent format that is easily transferred to another DAW.
  • Input and output meters for quick sound level assessment.
  • iLok-protected software (requires iLok2 or later USB Smart Key – not included).

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