Fuse Audio Labs – Everything Bundle v2.5.0 WIN/MAC VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64

Fuse Audio Labs is the number one source for truly analog sounding plug-ins
designed for the everyday needs of real-world musicians and engineers.
The company was founded in 2017 by Raimund Dratva, a deeply knowledgeable expert in the field of
translating complex analog topologies into first-class DSP code. Over the years, Raimund has created
a huge portfolio of leading simulation games for brands such as ACME, Black Box Analog Design,
Black Rooster Audio, Elysia, Millennia, Neold, Vertigo and many more, available on the Plugin Alliance and the UAD-2 platform.
while his own designs remain 100% pure Fuse Audio Labs.
Package Included
TCS-68: Cassette tape channel.
VCS-1: All-in-one channel band.
VCL-4: Vintage opto level.
VCL-25A: Vintage Vari-Mu Leveler.
VCL-373: Vintage transistor combo/limiter.
VCL-515: Vintage Vari-Mu limiter.
VCL-864U: Vintage tube limiter.
RS-W2395C: Neo Classic Baxandall free equalizer.
VQA-154: American vintage equalizer.
VQP-BUNDLE: Vintage passive EQs.
Bucket-500: Analog delay.
VREV-140: Vintage plate reverb.
VREV-305: Vintage spring reverb.
VREV-666: Free spring reverb.
Dozer-Drive: Dual drive pedal.
DrumsSSX: Drum remixer.
VPB-BUNDLE: Virtual Pedalboard.
VPRE-2C: Vintage Tube Booster.
F-59: A classic guitar amp.
FLYWHEEL: reel to reel tape recorder.
VPRE-31A: vintage germanium preamplifier.
VPRE-376: Vintage transistorized preamplifier.
VPRE-562A: Vintage tube amplifier.

MARCH 9, 2023 :
All plugins [v2.5]
Update to VST3 SDK v3.7.7.
Fixed silence flag logic in VST3.
Use hardware renderer based on DirectComposition/D2D on Windows.
Fix for the activation dialog to appear in HighDPI modes on Windows.
Replace the move to value gesture with a double click.
Adding a double-click as a reset gesture to the default for pen controls.
Added functions for deactivation and transfer of licenses.
VCS-1 [v2.5].
Fix pop noise issues related to HQ mode in the preamp module.
VCS-1 [v2.5].
Added proportional Q function to EQ.
VQP Bundle [v2.5].
VCS-1 [v2.5].
GUI improvements.
NOVEMBER 2, 2022 :
All plugins [v2.4].
Update to latest AAX SDK v2.4.1.
Update to the latest version of PACE Eden signing tools v5.3.2.
Added native support for Apple Silicon in AAX.
VCS-1 [v2.4].
Crash fix in Digital Performer (VST3 and AU).

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