DC Breaks – HALO: Hybrid Synth Rompler v1.0.6 VSTi, VST3i x64

With a visual and creative workflow, HALO combines meticulously crafted resampled sound with multiple synth layers, processing, and FX options to create great-sounding basses, leads, pads, and more. Huge presets will either fit right into your projects or serve as an inspiring starting point, but if you delve into the extensive possibilities of filters, FX and modulation, you can get completely new sounds in just a few clicks. Unlike many romplers, HALO also allows you to add your own custom audio recordings with limitless sound design possibilities.
Main characteristics
300+ sampled synth patches :
Over 300 original synth patches created using analog, digital and soft synths, fx and processing.
Inserting Samples :
Simply insert your own audio files directly into Halo and process them through all of Halo’s filters, FX and modulation.
Flexible Synthesis :
Embed a sub-bass and dual oscillator synth to add weight and body to your own samples or factory content.
Powerful Modulation :
Easily route any of the LFOs, steppers or macros to any control in the interface and use the pitch envelope to quickly add movement.
Kiki and snare :
The entire set of Kick and Snare samples from the DC BREAKS 1 and 2 drum packs.
Simple Filters and FX :
Fast, simple and fully controllable filters and effects at your fingertips, consisting of 4 filters, reverb, delay, phaser and chorus.
Randomise :
Instantly create completely new patches at the touch of a button, or just new waveforms or LFO shapes.
Plug in the HALO FX effects plugin to access all filters, distortions, EQs and FX on the channel strip.

  1. After installing the program, run the “Keygen.exe” file.
  2. Enter any 19 character input into “Keygen.exe” and click the Register button.
  3. The contents of the samples can be downloaded and installed via the downloader (Samples.exe).

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