Dark Intervals – ARCTICA (KONTAKT)

ARCTICA is an instrument based on several types of synthesizers and pad sounds. From harsh and epic polysynth effects, pads, to chilly, ambient and dreamy atmospheres and drones. It has the same architecture as our “DEEP BLUE” library, but with advanced features.

If you’re familiar with our previous release DEEP BLUE, this instrument has the same workflow that builds the harmonic structure of your piece of music, where you can control the bass (layer A) and pad (layer B) separately.

Essentially, it appears as a split keyboard with two different layers: A-Bass and B-Synth (pad, drone, or whatever). Customization options are limited, but very functional. For example, you can control the low/high pass filter for each layer separately in real time, which can be very useful and clearly visible in the interface. You can also adjust GLIDE for each layer.

  • Pads and Synths (55)
  • Textures and Drones (35)
  • Moves (35)
  • Mirage Mapped (20)

Additionally, you have 20 bass sounds that can be modified within a single NKI file.
Mirage sounds are also implemented within each NKI file, but we have also provided them as separate instruments.
In theory, there could be hundreds and hundreds of sound combinations.

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