Cymatics – PARADOX Phonk (MIDI, WAV)

Otherworldly samples created for high energy phonogram. We’ve been experimenting a lot in the studio lately and this collection was inspired by the Dark Phonk sub-genre. Dark Phonk has been a popular style on the Internet, known for its dark and harsh sound inspired by genres such as Memphis Rap, Trap and Horrorcore.

In the collection you will find a premium selection of powerful drum loops, drum singles and melodies with tons of character. We’ve designed each sample internally to work well in a multi-genre context, so whether you’re creating Trap, EDM, House, Hip-Hop, etc., they work well for any high-energy musical style.


Dark Phonk Melody Loops
Otherworldly melodies for producing heavy hitting tracks
Our team did a deep dive into the Dark Phonk subgenre to put together high energy and ethereal sounding melody loops that pair well with hard hitting drums.
Dark Phonk has been a trending style online, known for its dark and gritty sound inspired by genres such as Memphis Rap, Trap, and Horrorcore.
We designed each melody inside to work well within the context of multiple genres, so whether you produce Trap, EDM, House, Hip-Hop, etc… These work well for any high energy style of music.


Dark Phonk Drum Loops
Gritty drum loops designed to punch through any mix
To pair up with the melodies in the Dark Phonk collection, we put together a variety of hard hitting, gritty sounding drum loops.
These were inspired by the Dark Phonk genre, delivering on the gritty and punchy sound that the style of production is well known for.
These drum loops also include the full stem track outs for each sample, so you can customize each drum layer to fit the context of your track.


Dark Phonk Drum One Shots
Heavy hitting drum one shots influenced by Dark Phonk
This collection includes an assortment of drum one shot samples inspired by the Dark Phonk genre and its heavy sound.
Inside you’ll find everything including punchy Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Cymbals, and more, with each sample carrying a ton of character and grit.
Each of these drum samples were designed to cut through any style of mix, and they pair extremely well with heavy bass driven tracks.

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