Bitwig – Studio v5.0.4 x64 WIN.MAC

Bitwig Studio 5 features five new MSEGs (Multi-Segment Envelope and Curve Generators) that allow users to draw their own envelopes with any number of points and loop them, while Curves allow you to draw geometric patterns on a changing grid, producing unique LFO and automation patterns. It is noted that the curve shapes obtained in MSEG are saved in the BWCURVE format and can be displayed in the preset browser. Among other things, users can draw their own oscillators with the Scrawl parameter and create their own waveshapers with Transfer, as well as use the Slopes phase sequencer for deeper control.

It is stated that multi-segment generators can be easily customized using edit pop-up windows with the ability to resize the window. In addition, modulators that support the popup feature include The Grid, Keytrack+ and Steps. In turn, mixer parameters can now be used as sources and destinations, allowing all modulators to be fully integrated with mixer controls such as sends, pans, and more.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 5.0.4 [released 25 July 2023]


VST3 Presets VST3 presets didn’t show up in the default plug-in preset locations (a regression in v5.0.1)
Couldn’t map Project Remotes to Shuffle Amount and related parameters. [33246]

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