Beatskillz – AK9X v1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

AK9X – classic emulation of a vintage sampler. Imagine the warm, rich sound of old-school samplers, but with a twist.

This plugin is a tribute to the iconic and legendary sampler of the past. This isn’t just basic emulation; it dives deep into recreating the soul of the preamp section, giving you that authentic, raw sound.

But here’s the cool part: There’s a sample rate modifier control that lets you customize the audio even further by setting the audio bandwidth.

For those who like to mix stereo to mono for solid low end, there’s a handy button to switch between stereo and mono channels.
It’s ideal for both modern producers looking for a retro twist and vintage enthusiasts wanting to recreate the sounds of their favorite era with a little more control.

It’s like a piece of music history on your digital audio workstation, but with some slick, modern twists.
Beatskillz used their advanced NM2 artificial/neural technology to accurately capture hardware.

  • 50 Factory Presets
  • Classic Vintage Sampler Emulation
  • NM2 AI/ Neural Technology
  • Auto Gain Feature
  • Perfect For Retro Touch And Vintage Enthusiasts

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