Audiified – Linda Ironverb v1.0.1 VST3, AAX x64

IronVerb is a classic algorithmic reverb ideal for any reverb needs – from subtle, short reverb to massive atmospheric, ethereal and ambient textures with long decays. IronVerb can be used anywhere – from drums and vocals to guitars and pads.

You can customize IronVerb to suit your wants and needs, choosing from six different modes and a variety of parameters and using Ironize’s proprietary modulation.

Reverb has a number of familiar parameters, including size, prebeat, modulation and damping, and at its core are six rather distinctive algorithms (Flutter, Plate, Slapback, Dense, Steel and Steel 2, as well as two room size options (Normal and Long)

The plugin takes its name from a rather intriguing adjustable modulation option, Ironize, which gives the sound a smooth metallic edge .

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