Ableton – Live Suite 11.3.4 x64

Ableton Live lets you easily create, produce and play music in one intuitive interface. Live syncs everything and works in real time, so you can play and change your musical ideas without interrupting your creative process.

But Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique notebook for improvising, playing and performing with musical ideas, without time limits. Freely and independently start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops – everything stays in sync.

Almost everything in Live works in real time – add, rearrange or remove devices, play with Live’s flexible track routing and more – all without interrupting the creative process. Create bolder sounds with new Live devices.

Stay in the flow with a host of workflow improvements. Get even further away from your computer with Push. Create your sound with the curated library. And get unlimited Max for Live potential built in seamlessly.

Almost three years after the release of the tenth version of the program, Ableton introduced a major update to Ableton Live 11. The developers added new features and devices to the program, as well as finalized existing functions. According to the creators, the update focuses on providing new opportunities for “recording, performing and experimenting.”

The first notable innovation was the updated Comping feature for combining audio. Now the DAW organizes multiple repeats of audio files and MIDI regions into separate takes, and users can mix different parts of different takes together to get the “perfect” part. In addition to this, Ableton Live has learned how to link two or more tracks together for their simultaneous processing.

Ableton Live 11 received full support for the MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) standard. The program has a new workspace Expression View, which allows you to work with different envelopes to achieve the desired level of expression. The built-in sampler, arpeggiator and wavetable editor also received full MPE support.

As for new devices, ten new devices have been added to the program. Hybrid Reverb will allow you to create algorithmic and convulsive spatial effects. The Spectral Resonator will split the audio into several parts to further change them over time based on the frequency of the sound. In turn, Spectral Time can work with broken parts and create interesting delay effects based on them.

For lovers of creative and experimental processing, the creators of the update have added a collection of tools and effects Inspired By Nature. The devices in the collection are inspired by various natural and physical sound phenomena. In addition to this, the program received the PitchLoop89 tool, which combines glitches, delays and vibrato.

For stage and concert needs, Ableton Live 11 received the Live Tempo Following feature. According to the description of the developers, the program has learned to “listen” to incoming audio from other performers and instruments on stage and automatically adjust the tempo based on the received signal. In case someone starts playing faster or slower, Ableton will independently adjust the tempo so that the parts sound harmonious.

The new Macro Snapshots feature allows you to save copies of macros for later use. Up to 16 macros can be stored within a rack, and their launch and operation can be completely randomized.

The developers have expanded the automation system by introducing the Follow Actions tool. With it, users can specify exactly what actions will be taken after a certain event.

Another innovation is the Note Chance function, aimed at humanizing performance. The function sets the probability of triggering and playing any sound within a project or part, thanks to which Ableton Live generates numerous variations of the same pattern. What’s more, Note Chance can be set to change the pattern over time.

Along with Note Chance, the program introduced the Velocity Chance function, which changes the speed of sound extraction in MIDI regions based on the specified settings. The simultaneous operation of Note Chance and Velocity Chance will allow you to create unique and non-repetitive patterns, as well as make it easier to bring MIDI parts to life.

Other updates to Ableton Live 11 include Voice Box tools for creating instruments and racks based on vocals, Mood Reel and Drone Lab for generating textures. The program will also come with the virtual piano Upright Piano, as well as string and wind quartets Brass Quartet and String Quartet. The last three instruments were created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.

The developers note that the new version will bring improved tools and devices from previous versions, as well as an updated and expanded content library. A number of improvements also affected the editing of clips and the metering system for the load on the computer processor. Tips with scales, frets and scales have appeared in the MIDI editor, telling which notes will “fit” the current key of the project.

11.3.4 Release Notes
Live – Bugfixes:

Auto-Warp Improvements:

  • Improved the loading speed for Sets that contain samples which include .asd files, as well as for Packs that contain sampled instruments.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Live to hang when browsing factory packs and loading multisampled instruments.

Push – Bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Packs available for download or update were not visible after using the Hot-Swap Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a message that Live crashed to appear when a new Push unit was first turned on or, in some cases, when turning on Push in Standalone Mode after shutting it down.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Live to hang when trying to recover an Intro edition demo Set after a crash.
  • Push firmware package was updated to version 1.2.0 (including XMOS firmware 1.0.69):
  • • The connect screen is now displayed on Push when Live is closed when using Push in Control Mode.
  • • Improved reliability of pads when using low pressure.
  • • Double triggers on certain drum hits are now suppressed.
  • • Fixed an issue that caused the touch strip to get stuck.
  • • Fix a bug that caused some firmware update failures.
  • • Fixed a bug that caused the velocity curve to jump after connecting Push to Live.
  • • Fixed an issue that caused double finger hits of non-drum MPE pads to be lost.
  • • Fixed an issue where the external ADAT clock source was not working on macOS.
  1. Install Ableton Live 11 Suite Installer.exe
  2. Place the ABLETON PATCHER.exe file in the folder with the installed program (C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Program by default), run as administrator, press “PATCH” and wait “PATCHING DONE” appears
  3. Launch Ableton Live Suite and click “No internet on this computer” in the window that appears. From the window that appears, copy “Your hardware code”.

Note: By clicking on “Save”, you can get a text file with the code.

  1. Run the Ableton_KeyGen.exe file, paste the copied code, click “GENERATE” and save the resulting file.
  2. Drag the received file (Authorize.auz) to the registration window “Authorizing your software offline”

Note: If you cannot drag the license file into the program window, then close Ableton Live Suite and run the resulting license file – “Open With” > Ableton Live Suite.

  1. Disable update: Options > Preferences > Licenses Maintenance > Get Automatic Updates > Never

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  1. Plugin Error Unknown Error Window allways in every second!
    can aktivate the Error Window comes allways
    not good work!

  2. When Live 10 is installed in Registry /current user /Software/ Abelton/ under this is a rest from a old imstallation it must deleted.
    Have you not old Ableton Insatllations you must search all Ableton Folders in the Registry in all Software Categories and erase it manuell!
    (Authorize.auz) generate to Desktop and then drag over the Ableton offline Authorize Window!
    it was an Error from me, i make the Authorize.auz in Live Programm Folder…

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